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Welcome to AEMA


We are a non-profit organization formed in 1990 to meet the needs of the accessibility equipment manufacturers, distributors and end users. In 2005 the association modified its vision and its bylaws in order to create an "all industry members association". Any person, firm or corporation with an interest in the private residence elevator and accessibility equipment industry may apply for membership in the association and if approved, become a full voting member with equal input into the activities of the association.

The following excerpt is direct from the bylaws of the association: Article II - Scope and Definition a. Scope AEMA is an association of persons and entities with an interest in the "Private Residence Elevator and Accessibility Equipment" industry. b. Definition The term "Private Residence Elevator and Accessibility Equipment. industry includes the design, manufacturing , installation , servicing and maintenance of vertical, inclined and horizontal conveying systems which are used primarily to provide access and/or egress for persons in public and private residence environments, commonly known as platform lifts, stair-lifts, wheelchair lifts, access elevators, private residence elevators, home elevators, stairway chairlifts, limited use/limited application elevators, LULA elevators and similar products. (See Article V-Section 1 for membership qualifications).


Our Vision for Your Future

To grow and develop the accessibility equipment industry by establishing and participating in programs that promote the awareness, understanding and use of accessibility equipment

To encourage accessibility equipment manufacturers to interact collectively with building owners, code writers, regulatory authorities, accessibility contractors, government and others associated with accessibility equipment

To contribute to the development, standardization and proliferation of safety codes and standards that affect the design, installation and use of accessibility equipment

To promote the common business interests of the accessibility and elevator industries

To serve as a forum for the standardization of accessibility equipment design aspects that impact user safety, security and ease of use, including equipment operation, signage and terminology 

Message From
Mark Townsend, 2014 AEMA President

Dear AEMA Members, I am honored to be back as AEMA President for 2015.  I’m very happy to announce that Deb Leary and Don Zimmerman have agreed to stay active as key members of our management team.  Deb and Don hold key roles and will act essentially as Directors without the title.  This gives our organization incredible depth.


I would also like to welcome our new Board members; Alex Bourassa from Savaria, Alan Jensen from Homelift and Tom McIsaac from Stannah.  Alex and Alan are new to the AEMA Board but Tom is back again after a short absence.  I am proud to have what I think is the best Team since I joined AEMA many years ago.


Our industry has challenges and we are facing them, head on.  One major initiative is technician training, which I have been very vocal on, as many of you know.  This year I would like to further emphasize the importance of this important element of our future success.  AEMA is actively pursuing ways to facilitate tech training industry wide.


Thank you for the opportunity to serve our industry as AEMA President in 2015.  I believe that AEMA’s activities will be vital for our future success.


Best regards,






Home Elevator Safety Campaign


The homeSAFE (Safety Awareness For Elevators) Campaign is an industry-led

initiative designed to increase home elevator safety awareness. Click on any of these links below for more important information! 


Campaign Overview

Fact Sheet Overview Partners

Fact Sheet FAQ

Fact Sheet Campaign

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February, 2015


AEMA has started the new year of 2015 with its new slate of officers and directors. You already know the directors, so here are the results of the election of Officers:


President - Mark Townsend, Garaventa Lifts

Secretary - Bill Page, Bruno

Treasurer - Alan Jensen, HomeLift

Membership - Deb Leary, Access Lifts & Ramps

Communication - Will Cromwell, Bedco Mobility


We also want to offer a very special expression of thanks to Kevin Brinkman, who has faithfully served as Treasurer for more years than we can count. His latest duties will be keeping him very busy, so he needs to relinquish the treasurer's spot at AEMA. We are glad we will still see a lot of him in the future. Thank you Kevin for a job well done from everyone at AEMA!


November, 2014


2014 elections have now been completed. Congratulations to the following AEMA members that have been elected to a two year term on AEMA’s Board of Directors starting January 1, 2015…


Alan Jensen                       HomeLift, Inc.                  Nashville, TN     Contractor Member

Tom McIsaac                      Stannah                          Franklin, MA      Manufacturer Member

Alex Bourassa                    Savaria                            Laval, QC          Manufacturer Member


The newly elected directors will join the following current board members in 2015…


Mark Townsend                  Gavarventa                     Surrey, BC        Manufacturer Member

Scott Cleary                        Mobility Concepts           Fife, WA            Contractor Member

Will Cromwell                      Bedco Mobility                Baltimore, MD   Contractor Member


January, 2014


Code meetings were held in Phoenix on January 13-17, 2014 by ASME. Committees for A18 (wheelchair lift committee) and A17.1, Part V (residential elevator committee) were held and attended by multiple AEMA and chaired by Doug Boydston and Kevin Brinkman, both AEMA members.


November, 2013


Congratulations to the following elected AEMA members that will serve a two year term on the AEMA Board of Directors starting January 1, 2014:


Scott Cleary                      Mobility Concepts          Fife, WA                           Dealer/Contractor Member

Will Cromwell                    Bedco Mobility               Baltimore, MD                   Dealer/Contractor Member

Mark Townsend                 Garaventa                      Surrey, BC                        Manufacturer Member


The three newly elected Directors will join the following current board members serving the second year of their term in 2014:


Don Zimmerman              Home Lift of TX                 San Antonio, TX                Dealer/Contractor Member

Deb Leary                       Access Lifts & Ramps      Rochester, NY                  Dealer/Contractor Member

Tom McIsaac                  Stannah Stairlift                Franklin, MA                    Manufacturer Member


September 25, 2013


AEMA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held at this year’s NAEC Conference in Tampa, FL, from 5 to 6:30PM, Wednesday September 25, 2013.  All members are again invited to attend.  Exact event location & details will be e-mailed to all members as the event draws near.


July, 2013


NAEC RECEIVES THE NEW OCCUPATIONAL TITLE OF “ACCESSIBILITY & RESIDENTIAL TECHNICIAN”: The US Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeship has approved the application to secure a BLS O*NET-SOC Code for the occupation of Accessibility and Private Residence Lift Technician (CAT). A DOL Bulletin has been sent to the DOL Office of Apprenticeship in all states advising on this matter.  This is a huge milestone for our industry.  See our AEMA newsletter or contact NAEC for additional information.  We will include more details on this matter on our AEMA website as well.


May, 2013


NAEC responds to “first response questions” from the Department of Labor (DOL), concerning NAEC’s previous submittal of a DOL Occupational Code Application for our Residential & Accessibility industry, using their CAT™ as the main program for a separate SOC code to the DOL the


January, 2013


ASME held their first meetings for the 2013 year in Las Vegas the week of January 7. AEMA was represented on both the PRE (residential elevator committee) and the A18 (wheelchair lift committee) with several AEMA members on each committee.


November, 2012


Elections were held for Board positions with a record number of nominees this year.  Results from the election are as follows: 


Newly Elected Board Members: 


Don Zimmerman - Home Elevator of TX - Contractor Member

Deb Leary - Access Lifts & Ramps - Contractor Member

Tom McIsaac - Stannah Stairlift - Manufacturer Member


 Returning Board Members:


Joe Newstrom - Arrow Lift - Contractor Member

Mark Bosley - Adaptive Environments - Contractor Member

Mark Townsend - Garaventa - Manufacturer Member


September, 18, 2012:


AEMA held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Atlantic City, NJ during the NAEC Convention (only a few weeks prior to Hurricane Sandy’s destruction of the NJ coastline).  The AGM was well attended by members, honorary members & guests interested in joining AEMA, including lively discussion with good food and beverage.  This event always presents a wonderful opportunity to catch up with friends and colleagues and to make new acquaintances as well.


In addition to enjoyable socializing, a meeting was held to discuss a number of issues currently facing our industry & businesses. Foremost among those, was the continuing need for our industry to develop a federally approved national education & training program, for merit shop technicians in our industry, to be available for each state’s legislature as they adopt House Bills into Law.  Another discussion of importance was the concern of Do It Yourself (DIY) installations allowed by some providers of our product line.


Thanks to all who attended; we look forward to seeing everyone again at our next AGM.


August, 2012


SUBMISSION FOR A SEPARATE OCCUPATIONAL TITLE FOR OUR RESIDENTIAL & ACCESSIBILITY TECHNICIANS:  AEMA responds to the Department of Labor’s  invitation to AEMA (& a short list of other Subject Matter Experts) to complete & return their Determination Worksheet for a new DOL Occupational Title of “Accessibility and Private Residence Lift Technician” (O*NET-SOC CODE 47-4021.00;  RAPIDS CODE: 0174).  This invitation came as the result of NAEC’s previous submittal for this separate Occupational Title (SOC Code) for our industry.  AEMA has heavily supported this NAEC program. 




Code Corner


June 2014


AEMA and its members continue to be very active in the codes and standards development process. AEMA has become a common "voice" for the industry over the years and that has been instrumental in helping to improve many codes and standards. It is an ongoing effort to keep up with the changes and to make sure that we have a chance to present our views on potential changes. This article discusses one of the major items currently being discussed.

Private Residence Elevators are required to comply with ASME A17.1, Section 5.3. There are two major changes being considered for that section. The first involves the running clearance between the hoistway door and car door. Recent studies have prompted a move to reduce the space. The committee is currently conducting a Hazard Assessment and will use the results to enhance the requirements. The second is a move to provide more guidance for machine rooms, machinery spaces, control rooms and control spaces. This is particularly important with the increase in the number of units being installed with equipment in the hoistway.

Another project that affects all accessibility equipment is the development of Inspection Guides for the equipment. Proposals for the initial guides have been completed for private residence elevators and LU/LA elevators. This information is expected to be included in the next edition of ASME A17.2. Work is still in progress for the A18 products and probably will not be available for a few years. We will try to update you as this project progresses.

Accessibility standards also affect our equipment. ICC/ANSI A117 Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities is a private sector accessibility standard. AEMA is a member of the committee responsible for the changes. The biggest issue being discussed during this cycle is a proposal to increase the minimum clear floor space for wheelchairs and the turning spaces. The current proposals would increase the clear floor space to 30 x 42 (currently 30 x 48). This would impact private residence elevators that are required to be accessible (typically multi-unit projects) and vertical platform lifts. Both would require a clear floor space of 36 x 52 if these changes pass. Inclined platform lifts using passenger restraining arms would remain at 36 x 48.

Compliance with all the safety and accessibility requirements is very important, even if these products are not inspected in your area. We will provide updates on the status of these requirements when they become available.


Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

ADA Standards for Accessible Design (2010) is the current edition.  It provides both scoping and technical requirements for accessible design, including requirements for platform lifts and elevators.  Copies are available at


International Building Code (IBC)

The current edition is 2012.  Work is currently under way for changes for the 2015 edition.  This standard provides scoping for accessible elements in buildings, including lifts and elevators.  Copies are available through ICC.



National Electric Code (NEC)

The current edition is 2011.  Work is currently under way for changes for the 2014 edition.  This standard provides electrical requirements for the design and installation of lifts and elevators.  Copies are available through NFPA.